Spring 2017 Trend | Minimal Chokers

For the last few years they have been everywhere. From the red carpet to celebrity street style to bloggers, chokers were a favourite. But does this mean the end of the fashion cycle for them? Though they have started to decline, their cycle isn’t complete yet.

Seen at the Spring 2017 shows was a re interpreted & chic version of this fashion favourite. They are still on the map for this season, although in a more delicate way, with designers like Céline and Tommy Hilfiger showcasing them back to back on several looks on the runway.

Celine featured some really dainty & delicate chokers teamed together to make a nice & chic impact.

Celine Spring 2017 Trend Chokers

The chokers at Tommy Hilfiger were mainly made of leather with a nice buckle detail or brooch to add some sparkle to them.

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2017 Trend Chokers

Plain black chokers with golden accents were prominently seen at the Dior Spring 2017 show.

Dior Spring 2017 Trend Chokers

What I love about dainty & minimal chokers is that they very apt for the workplace. They can add a little glamour to your office look. Also, they open so many variations to layering. Add a nice long chain necklace to your dainty choker & it is a completely new jewellery piece.

So it actually feels like they are not going anywhere this spring.

Spring 2017 Trend Chokers

What do you think about this trend? Do let me know in the comments below.

Image Courtesy 
www.vogue.com & Getty Images 

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  1. As Echo said, I remember when these were everywhere in the 90s and wearing them all the time. Must admit, I have bough a plain black one to reminiscise to being a pre-teen!

  2. I prefer chokers that aren’t quite so dainty. I think it’s interesting how jewelry fashions, just like clothing fashions and hairstyles, seem to run in cycles.

  3. I used to wear chokers as a kid and this year I brought them back out again! I actually really love them, easier to wear when you have a baby as well 🙂

  4. I love chokers. I find them more comfortable than any other necklaces. It’s funny to think though that fashion is really repeating. What you think may be oldy and goody has becoming the new trend.

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