Spring 2017 Trend | All White Outfits

Spring 2017 Trend White Outfits

This Spring all white outfits ruled the runway. From bodycon dresses to soft romantic lace gowns, white outfits were just so heavenly. Personally, this is my favourite Spring 2017 trend. I have always been a huge fan of neutral outfits and white is in every sense the most neutral colour.

All white outfits feel so light & comfortable while at the same time hint a level of at most sophistication. A crisp & nice white piece in your outfit can make you look so much more expensive & chic. White lace outfits also convey a sense of the late 80’s romance.

At the Alexander Wang show, the outfits took a sporty turn featuring some really cute tennis skirt inspired looks.

Alexander Wang Spring 2017 Trend White Outfits

For Charlotte Olympia, it was a beach affair. Beautiful all white outfits teamed with cute shell accessories. All the outfits were so breezy & looked so comfortable.

Charlotte Olympia Spring 2017 Trend White Outfits

Dior was really back into the game this season. Featuring delicate tulle & lace dresses, the collection seemed very romantic & light.

Dior Spring 2017 Trend White Outfits

Carolina Herrera featured some really beautiful white gowns. I loved the knockout off-white lace gown with a halter neck over a little chiffon polo shirt.

Carolina Herrera Spring 2017 Trend White Outfits

The feather-trimmed jackets at the start of the Lanvin show proved to be a social media success. The use of chiffon with bicker jackets & skirts was surely a fresh look.

Lanvin Spring 2017 Trend White Outfits

While everyone else focused on the romantic side of white, Michael Kors worked with the power side of the colour. He translated the colour’s meaning with simple & elegant pieces for the modern day IT girl.

Michael Kors Spring 2017 Trend White Outfits

Oscar De La Renta interpreted the colour in two ways. In one he kept it simple & left the talk to the silhouette and on the other he focused on beautiful lace and embroidery for a nice white gown as well as short dress.

Oscar De La Renta Spring 2017 Trend White Outfits

At Prabal Gurung’s Spring 2017 show, it was all about the cut. The beautiful white silk shirt dress was surely my favourite.

Prabal Gurung Spring 2017 Trend White Outfits

Rodarte fully embodied the meaning of 80’s romance in his white outfits featuring delicate lace & mesh layered into beautiful frills.

Rodarte Spring 2017 Trend White Outfits

Simone Rocha used the colour quite prominently in his collection. It could be seen on everything, trench coats, loosely fitted, lacy, semi-sheer dresses, frills and florals, clear-plastic-heeled shoes, and bags.

Simone Rocha Spring 2017 Trend White Outfits

All those white lace numbers surely make me want to go to Beach soon. I feel this trend is just apt for Spring 2017.

Spring 2017 Trend White Outfits

What do you think of this trend? Do let me know in the comments below.

All Images used in this post are from www.vogue.com


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  1. Amazing creations! I think no matter how clumsy I am on whites, I will gamble this summer and still will wear lots of whites. Thanks for the heads-up dear!

  2. Ugghhh, white. Love it but can’t’ seem to keep myself clean at 46 years old…lol. Is it the same rule of not before Memorial Day and not after Labor Day? I live in Florida, so I’m not sure people observe those rules here anyway.

  3. Great review of Spring 2017! I love your post! I have worn all white once, and that was on my wedding day. However, I might give it a try this summer while vacationing. Maybe an all white tank dress.

  4. I remember the “rule” about no white after Labor Day. White was primarily worn during the summer months (between Memorial Day and Labor Day) with weddings being an exception. My older relatives held to this rule. It worked for me as it gave me another excuse not to wear white. White and I don’t get along. No matter what I do, white clothing does not stay clean (maybe it had something to do with my children), and having a fair complexion, white, especially a solid white top, tends to make me look washed out.

    These outfits, and the women wearing them, are beautiful. I don’t think I would wear an all-white outfit, but I might be persuaded to try an accent piece now that my children are older.

    1. I know. White wasn’t a colour I would personally wear as it made me look bulky but then I found this white lace dress at Forever 21 and it looked good on me. Why don’t you try a nice lace top or dress. You can also try off-white and cream as they sometimes look so much better than pure white.

  5. I tend to avoid white as i’m pale and this is the second post i’ve read this evening on the trend. I do however like some of these. All about how you team them up i guess. I like one with a light coloured trouser x

  6. These are fierce! Love the white business looks too! Unfortunately, I am way to pale and I feel like I would get washed out, but for someone who isn’t related to a ghost I think a white business outfit would rule!

  7. Great pictures of all the fashion shows. I’m sure it’s helpful to those interested in trends. I just don’t get the white trend. White has never been the best color for fashion unless dressing up in a suit and tie for me. Maybe it’s different for women, but white was always a hard color to wear and it got dirty so easily.

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