Pink is the leading lady this Spring

Pink Sping 2017 Trend

When three of the most influential fashion brands send out a colour back-to-back on the same day during fashion week, we know it will be a sure shot trend for the season. Just when we thought that it was about minimalism, pink solidified its continued global presence through spring 2017.

It all started with the New York Fashion Week where the shade was seen in abundance at the runway. It continued to rule the runway at London Fashion Week as well. By the time, it was Milan’s turn we knew that it was a pretty big colour for the season. But Milan took things one step further with Alessandro Michele’s latest collection for Gucci which took place within an all pink boudoir, from the set’s carpet to the lighting. Same was the scene at the Elie Saab show where the main colour esp. for lighting seemed to pink.  And finally in Paris, Celine, Balenciaga & Valentino show cased the colour in their Spring 2017 collection on the same day proving its dominance over the runway.

At Valentino, we saw an array of different hues of the colour in all textures from lace to satin. They were teamed together to give us the perfect pink outfits for Spring 2017.

Pink Sping 2017 Trend at Valentino

Bight hues of pink teamed with complementing colours like purple & red were seen at the Balenciaga runway.

Pink Sping 2017 Trend at Balenciaga

The colour was seen in all its glory at Blumarine. The gingham print dress in pink is just so perfectly appropriate for the season.

Pink Sping 2017 Trend at Blumarine

Marc Jacobs took the colour for a biker & futuristic spin in his Spring collection.

Pink Sping 2017 Trend at Marc Jacobs

The whole vibe at Kate Spade made me fall in love with Pink all over again.

Pink Sping 2017 Trend at Kate Spade

From pretty pastels to a glittery version and a bold, berry tone, Pink certainly is fashion’s favourite colour in nearly every varying shade this Spring.

From pretty pastels to a glittery version and a bold, berry tone, Pink certainly is fashion's favourite colour in nearly every varying shade this Spring.

How would you wear this colour? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. So glad to hear Pink is in fashion again, I love Pink and have quite a few outfits and shoes, glad I will be able to get some use from them this year. Love your images.

  2. Oh wow! Those pink and purple pairings speak to me! I really need to rock these bold colors this season because… I love them! 😉 Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Im in love with black clothes, Ill wear it all the time, but when it comes to pink, its the best color, to try with black together. It could be in make up, not only clothes, or a pink pair of shoes to stand out with the black outfit. I think pink is not a trend is a life style!

  4. I am loving that pink is so in this season – I always hated pink but over the last few years I’ve fallen in love with it, and I’m thrilled that since it’s so big with the designers right now, it’ll be easy to find great pieces locally.

  5. So many pink hues! I think it’s perfect for Spring, it’s easy on the eyes and it goes well with a lot of other colors.

  6. Pink is one of my favorite colors but I never liked it with red. However, these designers did an incredible job incorporating the two together. Marc Jacob takes the cake for me!:)

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